Official website for colyton skittle league, est. 1949

Official website for colyton skittle league, est. 1949

Official website for colyton skittle league, est. 1949 Official website for colyton skittle league, est. 1949

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Colyton Skittle League Rules

1. Teams to consist of 6 players.      Each team must pay entry fee of £35 at A.G.M.( If late £5 EXTRA ) No      restriction will be placed on number of players signed, No player may play      for more than one team, unless officially transferred. Secretary must be      notified beforehand and transfer fee of  £1  paid to the league.

2. Games to consist of 8 hands, two      points for a win and one point for a draw. If there is a tie on points,      For winners, promotion or relegation at the end of the season, there will      be a play-off on a neutral alley.

3. SAME BALLS AND PINS TO BE USED ALL SEASON (UNLESS THERE ARE BREAKAGES). Winners of toss have choice of throw, order reversed after four hands. All fallen pins must be cleared after every throw,   Once a ball has hit a pin, the ball and pins may rebound  off side and will count, but not off      back. 

Where alleys have both 9 and 10 pin packs the spots must be clearly marked with different colours. Not more than three persons should be sticking up at the same time. Home team “alley rules” apply for foot & pitch lines.

4. Captains to collect £2:00* per match from each player, this will be £12 from each team making £24 to be paid to sticker ups. * (If a team does not have the full 6 players, £12 must still be paid).

5. Matches to be played on Friday nights and ready to throw off at 8:45pm unless there are exceptional circumstances. Missing players to score 4 each hand they miss. Each player must take their turn throwing. No player will be permitted to take all throws together. If teams for some reason cannot play on set nights, 48 hours notice is to be given to the opposing side. If there is fog, ice or other bad weather conditions or mishaps, the opposing team should be contacted immediately. 

Any match postponed must be re-arranged within 4 weeks of postponement, and the secretary notified. CANCELLING TEAM WILL LOSE 1 POINT unless game re-arranged and played before fixture date (so if you cancel, then lose the rearranged match you will be minus 1 point for the fixture.). Teams who fail to notify and fail to turn up for a match will have unlimited points deducted at the discretion of the committee.

6. There are 8 cups or trophies for each team who are successful league and knockout cup winners and runners-up. Two teams will be promoted from the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th divisions and two teams relegated from the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th divisions, subject to new entries and withdrawals.

7. Result cards supplied to captains must be filled in and signed by both captains and must include the  FULL NAMES of the players of both teams and sent to the secretary by the winning captains no later than the Wednesday following the match, to enable the league tables to be prepared for the press.

8. Mens' and Ladies' highest score will be awarded to the highest scores in AWAY LEAGUE MATCHES.  ( Please indicate Ladies on result cards )

9. If the result cards are not sent in within two weeks of the match being played NO points will be awarded. In addition, if a match is cancelled or postponed then the secretary must be notified within TWO weeks, by the non-offending captain.

10. No teams will be considered for entry or change of alley, unless it is within a 9 mile radius of Colyton and preference will be given to sides nearer to Colyton where there are more teams than the league can accommodate. No more than 16 teams per division.

11. Only players who qualify in the singles competitions may play in the final. 1 sub allowed in pairs final.

12. In the event of the scores being even after 8 throws in the knockout competitions then an extra hand or hands to be played until there is a result.