Official website for colyton skittle league, est. 1949

Official website for colyton skittle league, est. 1949

Official website for colyton skittle league, est. 1949 Official website for colyton skittle league, est. 1949

The Tony Hawkins Memorial Knocked-Out Cup Fixtures & Results

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Tony Hawkins Memorial Knocked out Cup  2019/20

Final on 4th April at the New Inn.

Lamb Shanks  v  Tuckers Arms  B.    

KO’D Cup results,

Semi-final results  

Lamb Shanks 430 (A Palmer 86) Offwell B 413 (S Scotland 78);

Eagle Tavern 354 (M Jackson 70) Tuckers Arms B 361 (D Coombes 64);

Eagle Tavern 372 (M Jackson 77) Offwell A 370 (J Lockyer 75);

Lamb Shanks given game by Mountbatten Whites;

Sidmouth FC Stones v Offwell B card not in;

Tuckers Arms B 375 (P Strawbridge 68) Three Tuns Spares 344 (L Tudge 61);


Semi-Finals (on Saturday 7th March).


Lamb Shanks v Sidmouth FC Stones or Offwell B (at Colcombe Castle, downstairs);

Tuckers Arms B v Eagle Tavern (Gerrard Arms);

KO’D Cup 3rd round draw. (to be played 31st January).

Eagle Tavern v Offwell A; Lamb Shanks v Mountbatten Whites; Sidmouth FC Stones v Offwell B; Tuckers Arms B v Three Tuns Spares;


KO’D Cup 2nd  round results.

Lamb Shanks 327 (S Palmer 62) Sidbury Lions 307 (J Smith 59); Heathfield A 377 (D Pearse 70) Eagle Tavern 380 (C Hutchings 83); Cloakham B 356 (P Miller 74) Offwell A 368 (B Grant 76); Offwell B v Bye; Tuckers Arms B given game by Honiton Con E; Offwell Flyers gave game to Mountbatten Whites; Three Tuns Spares given game by Mountbatten ConArtists; Rising Sun A 319 (P Knapp 62) Sidmouth FC Stones 341 (R Chambers 61);


KO’D Cup 1st round results.

Sidmouth FC Stones 373 (G Sweetland 70) Dolphin Dolls 332 (K Harding 58); Bye v Offwell Flyers; Lamb Shanks 313 (L Garret, A Beer, T Boyland 55) Kings Arms B 276 (M Ellis 52); Eagle Tavern W/O v Tuckers D; Offwell B 390 (R Hembrow 91) New Inn A 389 (R Webb 72); Rising Sun A beat Volunteer B; Kingfisher A 283 (M Griffiths 57) Sidbury Lions 303 (G Little 60); Three Tuns Spares 336 (M Denslow 65) Beer Buffs 314 (J Gladstone 62); Mountbatten Conartists v Bye; Colcombe A 358 (D Newberry 66) Tuckers B 400 (R Seward 74); Bye v Offwell A; Colcombe B 383 (T Yates, B Harris 73 Cloakham B 446 (B Garner 96); Sidmouth Arms Kings Gave game to Honiton Con E; Heathfield A W/O v Tuckers C; Bye v Bye; Mountbatten Whites 363 (T Revell 68) Harbour B 335 (D Copp 64);KO’D Cup 1st round draw. (to be played on Friday 1st November).  

KO’D Cup 2nd  round draw. (to be played 31st December).

Lamb Shanks v Sidbury Lions; 

Heathfield A v Eagle Tavern; 

Cloakham B v Offwell A; 

Offwell B v Bye; 

Tuckers Arms B v Honiton Con E; 

Offwell Flyers v Mountbatten Whites; 

Three Tuns Spares v Mountbatten ConArtists; 

Rising Sun A v Sidmouth FC Stones;

KO'D Cup 1st Round draw.

Sidmouth FC Stones v Dolphin Dolls; 

Bye v Offwell Flyers; 

Lamb Shanks v Kings Arms B; 

Eagle Tavern v Tuckers D; 

Offwell B v New Inn A; 

Rising Sun A v Volunteer B; 

Kingfisher A v Sidbury Lions; 

Three Tuns Spares v Beer Buffs; 

Mountbatten Conartists v Bye; 

Colcombe A v Tuckers B; 

Bye v Offwell A; 

Colcombe B v Cloakham B; 

Sidmouth Arms Kings v Honiton Con E;

Heathfield A v Tuckers C;

Bye v Bye; 

Mountbatten Whites v Harbour B;